What do my students say?

The following are excerpts from student feedback – and yes, I DO love teaching!

  • Definitely learned a lot of about Excel, tips and tricks very helpful. Cindy presented the product with full knowledge and kept me interested throughout the day. I am looking forward in participating in the next level soon.
  • She did an excellent job in trying to engage the class, especially when going over difficult concepts. She was very good at making people feel comfortable asking questions and making sure no one felt left behind. She fostered a comfortable environment for learning.
  • The instructor was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and organized. The material was presented in a very clear manner and she did an excellent job making sure that everyone understood the items being discussed.
  • She was very intuitive and knowledgeable on the subject matter. She was able to respond to questions in a way that was easy for the class to follow. She was very enthusiastic which made the class fun.
  • She was very knowledgeable, taught the class well and I liked how she used “stories” to present information.
  • Cindy was very passionate about excel, which made it a more enjoyable learning experience.