Why Excel?

The power of Excel is amazing: pivot tables, pivot charts, subtotals, data tables – you name it – it does it. I LOVE Excel. Add to that the power of VBA, and it is a tool that is here to stay!

If you tell me that most of your data is stored in Excel files, I will groan.  (Nicely, though.)   Why?  In the ideal world – Excel is used to present/organize data that comes FROM a database:  not the storage container for the data! Did you know you can link to data that is on SQL Server and/or in Access databases? We can set up a spreadsheet where you enter a date range and filter parameters, and voila – a worksheet pulls data meeting that filter criteria from your database into those Excel spreadsheets!

SO – whether you are storing your data in those Excel files directly (it happens), or importing it from a database, Excel can be an important part of your daily data needs!