Why Access?

Microsoft Access is a great tool, allowing very quick development at minimal cost.  Data entry forms, quick reporting, excel outputs, integration with Outlook/Excel:  it does all of these very well.

When is Access recommended?

– For quick prototyping for later use in more robust database solutions (ie SQL Server, Oracle)

– For small to medium size companies and/or departments when fewer than 30 people will be in the database concurrently (that number can go up to 100:  less complex databases can easily accommodate more)

– The size of the database is going to be limited – and/or Access is being used just for your user interface, with SQL Server storing the data.  What do I mean by limited?  It could have well over a million records, but the definition of limited has to do with the size of the data itself.  Each Access database is limited to 2 GB.

When is Access NOT recommended?

– When you need granular / high level security

– When you need to deploy web/tablet solutions related to your database

– If you have more than 30-100 users in the database at any one time (that number will vary depending upon your network)

– When the volume of data  exceeds the capabilities of Access to perform efficiently